December 24, 2012

It's Christmas


Can you let us know when it is over?


  1. Peace and Joy to you too, Laurrie!

  2. Right back at ya! I grew up with cats and dogs, including a Siamese who wandered into our kitchen one day and never left. Your dialogue captures their arrogance purrfectly! Merry Christmas and I hope Santa delivers us all perfect weather next summer. Hey, a girl can dream! :o)

  3. You have Siamese cats? My first pet was a seal point Siamese cat named Mr. Dobbs. My mom brought him home as a kitten when I was three and I carried him to his final trip to the vet when I was a senior in high school. What a great cat! Lots of memories.

    Merry Christmas Laurrie!

  4. What sweet kitties. I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas.

  5. Merry Christmas to you too Laurrie!! My cats LOVE Christmas - they know it means they get turkey treats. You should have heard the yelling (I mean meowing) that went down yesterday while that thing was cooking.

  6. When the grandkids came over for cookie-baking and then for Christmas Eve, our cats mysteriously disappeared. They prefer a quieter Christmas, too.

    Hope you had a blessed Christmas, Laurrie!


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