September 14, 2012

This is For You

If you have had a very busy summer, this is for you:
Heed the sign

If you think delicate pink is a spring color, this proves otherwise:
Fall blooming Anemone tomentosa 'Robustissima'

If you like your pinks stronger and more assertive, here's a pink you might like:
Zinnia friends forever.  Awww

If you thought cutting back your smokebush to the ground in spring would eliminate any plumy flowers, here's evidence that it doesn't.
Cotinus coggygria 'Grace'

If hot pink zinnias aren't enough for you, here is how to kick it up a little:
Lobelia 'Ruby Slippers' with 'Cut & Come Again' zinnias

If you think fall is still a way off, that it is only September, that there is still time . . .
       . . . . this is for you:
End of Summer 



  1. Lovely post, Laurrie. Although I haven't had a busy summer, I like relaxing, so I'll take that advice.

  2. This is one of those images that makes you long for spring. For it is when the anemones begin to bloom you know it is not going to be long that winter will be moving into the area, the party will be over and one will have plenty of time to relax. There is wild lobelia blooming around here. It is blue/purple though. I hope you get some relaxation this weekend.

  3. Your end-of-summer garden looks beautiful, Laurrie! I need to get myself one of those signs:)

  4. Good demo on the smokebush, Laurrie. It and the rest of your pics show your garden is still full of verve.

  5. Relax.....always good advice! Your late summer garden is lovely!

  6. I'm ready for fall. Experiencing a different season helps me appreciate each one for its uniqueness. Love your fall garden!

  7. I love the shot of your fall garden and your zinnias! I have to order some for next year because my kids love them! Enjoy the fall air!

  8. Thanks, everyone, for visiting and for your kind comments . . and remember to RELAX as the season changes over to autumn.

  9. Laurrie, I need to heed your advice but my garden chores beg differently. Relax might happen in October ... maybe. Love your pinks!


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