July 16, 2012


Dear Lord, it's been a pretty good day so far, and I am thankful for it, even though it is far too dry in my garden.

I am grateful that I haven't dragged the hose over the tall phlox today and flattened them to the ground.

I did not swear or curse or make a scene yet about untangling hideously stubborn kinks, and I have not complained about the leaks. All the leaks.

I have not dislodged the blueberries with an errant spray on jet setting, and that is a small miracle.

I did not try to disconnect two lengths of hose while holding both in front of my face with the water still on, even though my glasses need cleaning.

I am feeling good today and thank you for your mercies.

There is no puddle of water in my left garden shoe and no slimy clump of damp mud in my right one.

I did not leave a black hose coiled in the hot sun, and then turn on the faucet to water the containers with 185 degree solar heated hot water. Not even once today.

I am at peace with the toils of watering in this season of too little rain and too hot weather. I can handle this.  It is a good day.

Lord, I am going to get up now and make the coffee, and go out into the garden to water, and then I am going to need all the help I can get.


  1. Ha ha ha ha...so I am not the only one who swears at hose kinks!

    Did you get any rain yesterday? It rained barely and then gently at my house for about six hours. Not sure it was beneficial but I'll take all I can get.

  2. Amen!!! This is so true!!! I don't cuss at my garden much but my computer gets an earful on a regular basis.

  3. I can't stop laughing Laurie. This is the perfect post for this time of year. I thank God for you. May your shoes stay dry, hoses unkinked and the sun be at your back all day with a slight breeze to keep you cool...er.

  4. Preach it girl! Thanks for the laugh. :)

  5. Laurrie, my fellow Connecticutter, I hope your fine expression of gratitude resulted in some rain for your garden. Mine got some Sunday, and I'm crediting the "spillover effect" of your earnest words. Keep it up. I see more clouds.

  6. Oh, you are good! You are praying a Central Texas gardener's prayer! Funny the difference a year can make. I haven't had to water containers or beds since last week. Usually the containers have to be watered daily. I'm feeling almost neglectful! I do pray y'all get some rain soon, Laurrie. I can so appreciate how you're feeling.

  7. So true!
    I'll keep all that in mind tonight as I lug about the hoses.

  8. Happy watering everyone! Thanks for stopping by. I am praying for rain for all of you.

  9. Well that $#@&^& hose kinked on me tonight more than once. After I unleashed the tirade and quickly turned to fix the problem, I *almost* stepped in a pile of dog poop. I would have deserved it.

    1. Why can't they invent a hose that doesn't kink? (ignoring all the ads for such hoses... I've never found a "non kinking" hose that lived up to that claim). Why is it beyond technology to create one?

  10. Yup I bet you'd be even more thankful if you got some rain.

  11. LOL, Cleaning your glasses is a good thing...not sure how good it is to clean them when they are still on your face...wishing you rain!

  12. As I head into yet another week of this scorching heat, I empathize. Off to breakfast, then back to hose duty. I guess I'm thankful I am not employed by a nursery to water plants all day long in addition to my own gardens. I usually enjoy water play. It has lost its charm this summer. Perhaps more hoses and timers would help here...

  13. Thanks to all for sympathizing. Watering has definitely lost its charm this season!

  14. Amen! Been there, done all of this. I would add that since it's about 150 degrees in the sun (well, maybe not quite), I am thankful for getting the usual drenching when I move the sprinklers around. My water-soaked clothes make me feel much cooler. I hope you get some much-needed rain!


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