February 28, 2012


I've been away, but I'm back.

Despite the fact that there is an extra day of winter this year on February 29, I am ready to think about spring and gardening.

Aloha.  Time away in a warm garden of Eden is just the tonic I needed to come back and face the cold mud of spring in my own garden.

Let's begin.


  1. lucky you. That photo looks divine (particularly as I'm home on a snow day today!) Glad to hear you had some much needed rest and look forward to sharing the joys of spring together.

  2. I thought you had been awfully quiet. I bet your batteries were charged to full in all that sun and heat.

  3. Aaaww...that photo makes me want to go on vacation too.

  4. Lucky lucky you!!! Desperately in need of a vacation on this end. That picture might become my new Happy Place. :o)

  5. I also am ready, oh so ready, for the cold mud of spring.

  6. Hope you had a wonderful, relaxing and inspiring vacation. Welcome back.

  7. What a beautiful beach--a great way to get energized for spring gardening! By the way, my daughter and her husband were in Hawaii last week, too; did you happen to see them?:)

    1. Yes, I must have seen your daughter and son in law in Hawaii --- they were the cute couple I saw on the beach, I'm sure!

  8. Thanks everyone, for the nice welcome back. We spent a week in Maui and then several days visiting my son in L.A. What a great getaway!!


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