October 3, 2011


Lookit the great things going on in the garden.

All summer long these blue plumbago plants bloomed and bloomed.  They are tied to bamboo tepees to keep them upright, and they have made a semi-arch to walk through.  They just never quit all season, and are flowering into fall.

And look, isn't the miscanthus at its best in fall?  Those silky tassels reach out and tickle my knees every time I walk by them.

Tight round buds of Montauk daisies are just waiting for fall.  Their white daisy flowers open when the leaves of trees are coloring up and other perennials start to fade, and just as the nicotiana nearby closes up for the season.  Bright white blooms are welcome when everything else is red and gold and bronze.

Look -- the tight buds of the mums are also just waiting for the perfect time.  These are 'Sheffield Pink' and they will open a light apricot shade, very delicately hued, when everything around them is a riot of blazing autumn colors.


Do we look like we care?
We don't.


  1. The Plumbago is looking absolutely gorgeous and both the Montauk and Mums promise good things to come. Love the Miscanthus draping over the walkway.

  2. Your garden looks so beautiful with intriguing plant choices. Very, very cool a\nd keep up the great job.

  3. Hey Laurie,
    Your garden looks fantastic. The buds of the Mum are highly ornamental by themselves when paired in front of the shrub with the red berries. Is that some type of holly? The fruit looks too big to be a holly.

  4. I have the same mums you do! I'm glad you said the plumbago was tied to a support because I was trying to figure out how you found a plumbago tree! Love your cats! They're so honest about their apathy.

  5. Lisa, as always, thanks!

    Bernie, the plumbago was a surprise to me, I had not grown it before and it just flowered on and on so nicely.

    P, thank you so much.

    Patrick, the red berried shrub is indeed a holly, good eye! It is a winterberry, Ilex verticillata 'Red Sprite'.

    Tammy, the plumbago on a tepee really worked well. I like your description of "honest apathy" --- that sums up those two cats : )

  6. Your garden is looking lovely. I've wanted to grow plumbago here but it's too tender. You're in a colder climate than me, so does that mean you grew these as annuals? Certainly worth doing if they grow that much in one season. Just never ocurred to me.

  7. Unlike your furry friends, I was mesmerized by your beautiful garden, Laurrie. The blue plumbago is fantastic; I'm going to have to look into that plant, as well as the Montauk daisies.

    My cats often accompany me on a stroll through the garden, but somehow I don't think they're looking at it quite the same way I do:)

  8. Cats (sniff!) -- we miss ours so much. Love the daisies -- we had to take some out last year and haven't found another place for them. Possibly expand the sunflower bed next year?

    Next year -- would that be one of the gardener's mantras?

    Great pictures, as always.

  9. Lyn, plumbago is a tender perennial here in New England so I will dig them up, pot them, and bring them into the unheated garage for winter.

    Rose, our cats do not go outside, so their apathy is purely theoretical. They've never even seen my garden!

    Tricia, thanks, I hope you find a place for your daisies, If you are missing your cats, I have two you can have for free! They are old and cranky, but beautiful.

  10. I love Plumbago but always manage to kill it, and it has such a lovely soft shade of blue. They look great climbing up the teepees.

    The cats might care if you told them their eyes matched the Plumbago. :)

  11. Oh, those blue plumbago are gorgeous! I don't think I have ever seen them before. Nice to have a pretty long bloomer.

    Enjoy the fall season!

  12. Hi Laurrie, The cats gave me a good chuckle! I don't think my dogs are impressed by my garden either...although I have caught Scrap sampling the cherry tomatoes on more than one occasion! I saw a blue plumbago growing in a greenhouse here. What a beauty! Do you bring yours inside to overwinter?
    P.S. The cats may not be impressed, but the rest of us are! I am looking forward to see the daisy and mum in bloom.

  13. Sweetbay, you're right, the cats' blue eyes are exactly the watery light blue of the plumbago!

    Garden Ms. S, plumbago was new to me too. I guess they are common, but I had never seen one before.

    Jennifer, I do plan to dig up the plumbago plants and bring them into my unheated garage. This is the first year I have grown them, so I'll see how that works this winter.

  14. Thanks, Marie. They are getting to be old lady cats now, 16 years old.


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