September 22, 2011

This is the Time

This is the time of year when the hummingbirds drink the feeder dry in three days.

This is the time of year my butterfly bush is alive with orange and black visitors.

My butterfly bush is an unusual yellow one.  It is Buddleia weyeriana 'Honeycomb' and the panicles are clear yellow with orange throats, creating a sunny, warm, golden effect.  Like all butterfly bushes it is rangy, but it doesn't seem to want to get as big as some of the old garden standbys.  And it isn't as wildly flowery as the old varieties, but I like its delicate color and more refined flowering a bit better.

I have a magenta purple butterfly bush too.  It is the new dwarf one, 'Blue Chip', that really stays low and tidy.  The butterflies visit, but not in the major swarms that make the air above 'Honeycomb' electric.  It truly grows no more than two feet high and barely three feet wide.

This is the time of year when the winterberry hollies, Ilex verticillata 'Red Sprite', announce they are open for business.  I've always wanted to see these red berries against white snow, but they never last that long.  They are gone before the first snowfall.

This is the time of year when my weeds become very sorry and promise not to do any of those things again.

Soon the butterflies will go and the hummers will depart.  The foliage in this garden will turn vivid colors before it too disappears.  Even the regretful weeds will go away.

And I am taking off as well, headed out to Denver to see my son.  But I'll be back very soon, it's just a short visit.  When I get back the butterflies and hummers may already be gone. 

It's time.


  1. Oh Laurrie, your garden is just singing right now! That last image is lovely, with the lone nicotiana punctuating a mellow fall scene. Hope you have a great visit, and that at least a few hummers and flutterby's are waiting when you get back...

  2. I love, love your yellow butterfly bush! I've seen one in a friend's garden, and there's just something about that soft yellow that is really appealing. I planted two of the 'Blue Chips' this spring, but one of them mysteriously died. I'm hoping the other survives the winter. Enjoy your visit with your son, and I hope the hummers and butterflies welcome you back home.

  3. Laurrie,
    Your garden is inspiring on so many levels. The ilex pix is great but it's The rock and stone border that is suburb. The more I see of 'Blue Chip', the more impressed I become. And lastly, that sweeping border featuring three of 6the biggest, baddest Heucheras I've seen in a while. Nice work

  4. Cyndy, thanks, it does make me think of a choir singing out there!

    Rose, the yellow butterfly bush doesn't flower very heavily or get attention (except for the butterflies, they notice it), but I like the blooms up close.

    Patrick, thanks so much. The baddest heucheras are 'Midnight Rose'. There is a fourth one tucked in there that keeps dying out, getting replaced and then dying again. Three times now. (the rock border is the dry stream bed that I built myself from all the rocks I find every time I dig a planting hole!)

  5. Your garden looks so full and full of colour right now. Hard to think it will be gone soon for the season. I wish my weeds would apologize, instead they seem to be fighting back!

  6. You garden really shines in Fall. I love the red berries, like you, against the snow. They never last that long in my garden as the birds feast until they are gone. I like your dry riverbed stone border. Very nice.

  7. The last photo is stunning, Laurrie! But shame on you, I am sure we are in for a long Indian Summer!
    I wish I could find the Red Sprite around here, I am sure the birds will come to my yard if I have it!
    Have a great time with your son, enjoy Denver...

  8. Wow you must have lots of hummers if they drink dry your feeder. The yellow butterfly bush is pretty. I don't think I have seen it before. Have a great time with your son.

  9. I had never heard of the dwarf buddleia, what a great idea. Must see if I can get them in Australia. Your garden looks beautiful.

  10. Marguerite, thanks. I kind of like the tranisitioning season, even though winter is on its way.

    Donna, the winterberry hollies are big enough this year that I might cut stems with berries on them and then use them in a vase so I get to see them in winter. Otherwise they are all gone before the holidays.

    Sissy, Indian summer can be beautiful here, and I hope we do get a late warm stretch.

    Lisa, the 'Honeycomb' butterfly bush is unusual and not seen very much in nurseries. I think it doesn't sell as well because it flowers less.

    Lyn, you are in a temperate part of Australia like us, and I always wonder if the plant selections you have are similar to the varieties we get here. Do you have good mail order plant sources there?



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