August 29, 2011


The quiet this morning after the storm is complete.  Tropical storm Irene roared directly over us here in west central Connecticut, dumped oceans of rain on us, blew about, and departed.

This morning the sun came out, a few birds chirped tentatively, and the hummingbirds buzzed me gratefully when I re-hung the feeders.

There has been much flooding in the state, there are downed trees, and my relatives a few towns over have no power.  But all are safe, and here in my garden there is no damage. 

I have soggy ground, splayed annuals, and the silver maple on the back hill fell apart as silver maples do in any kind of weather, but the fallen limbs did no real harm.  I'll have to clean it up, though. 

It has certainly been a few weeks of natural oddities.  The earthquake in the east was one.  The tropical storm here was another. 

And while I was away in New Mexico it was stormy and wet there, a real oddity for the dry southwest.

We had rumbly thunderstorms that got snagged in the mountains of Santa Fe and gave us a couple evening's entertainment watching the lightning from safe inside.  The rain was steady and heavy, and out there that means flash floods.  We could not get to dinner one night as downtown Santa Fe was flooded.

But after the storms, all was stillness and quiet, and our trip was a delight.  Six of us in a beautiful house in the mountains.  Six of us shopping Indian Market, eating our way through New Mexico, attending an opera (a first for me, I'm such a rube), and cruising the art galleries of Santa Fe as if we could afford anything in them.

Most of Indian Market featured the work of southwest native craftsmen and artists.
Antique, vintage, or newly fashioned, the turquoise was exquisite
But I was pleased to see that Best of Show in the juried artwork was from an eastern craftsman, a member of Maine's Passamaquoddy.
Best of show basketry was Passamaquoddy

Photos are from
Santa Fe Indian Market 2011 - Photo Memories

Teri Greeves, Kiowa artist, was a highlight.  Her beaded wall hangings, immense and engrossing, each with a fully developed story behind them, were featured at the Shiprock gallery.  A flat photo of the hangings, as I've posted here, does not begin to show you the intensity of the light-catching beads, satiny fabric and textile richness of this art.  The hangings were nine feet long, huge and vivid.  Mrs. Obama is a fan of her work, and has gifted Teri's beaded handbags to heads of state.

Her beaded cuffs wound up on the wrists of two of our party.  Alas, my wrist went home naked. 

The market was immense, the exhibitors were friendly and chatty, the wares were beautifully made and expensive (I mean really pricey) and the artwork could take you weeks to appreciate.  We just sampled. 

We wandered, we ogled, we bought some stuff for our families back home, we went back to our mountain house and drank wine while looking at the mountains.  Half of our group did not know the other half before we arrived, and it was so pleasant to learn about each other and make new friends in this beautiful setting.

Thunder and flash floods, earthquakes, tropical storms, even Faust at the opera.  All manner of strange experiences for me. 

I pray for those that were badly affected in the storms.  I know I am lucky to be so unscathed, my garden intact, and everyone I love safe in the stillness after the storm. 


  1. I'm so pleased to hear that you're safe and sound. I was wondering how you got along and it's great to hear there's been no real damage to your place either.

    2011 has certainly been a year of significant weather events for so many of us. Fingers crossed there won't be too many more surprises during the rest of the year.

    Your trip to New Mexico sounds fabulous. The basketry and jewellery in your photos is just beautiful. The mountain house look terrific too.

  2. Welcome home. I am glad you had such a good time on your vacation. It sounds perfect. I love indian art work. There is an earthyness about it that appeals to me. I am also glad to hear that you and yours are safe and sound.

  3. So glad to see you enjoyed your vacation and your home and garden survived intact. Welcome back!

  4. I'm so glad you're ok! Santa Fe sounds wonderful! I'm not surprised at the prices, though. I discovered the same thing on Mt Desert Island in Maine.

  5. You really had a great vacation. I would have loved your trip. Wonderful on Irene sparing your area even though you had the rain and wind. Here we had nothing from the storm. So many were not so lucky. I feel for the mess that they must clean up now. Power was out so many places too. I agree, it has been some very odd weather this year.

  6. Laurrie, I'm glad to hear that you are safe and sound and escaped much damage. Sounds like such a wonderful vacation. I've never been to New Mexico but have been to Arizona several times and love visiting the Southwest; it's like a whole other world there with such a different landscape. The artwork is beautiful!

  7. Glad you survived Irene without too much damage. When you consider the time and effort in some artwork, the prices not so outrageous.

  8. Hi Laurrie, Welcome back. I am glad that you were not seriously effected by the weather both at home and in Santa Fe. It must have been quite something to watch the thunderstorms over the mountains. I love the baskets, especially the cream colored ones.

  9. Wonderful news that you, family and garden are safe and sound. Santa Fe is one of my favorite destinations...the colors there are magnificent and the artistic vibe unmatched. My friend and I are hoping to get away there this fall to celebrate sending our eldest children off to college! Welcome home Laurrie!

    Ha! Funny; the word verification I got is "perrypoo"!

  10. Thanks to all for the warm welcome home! The trip was fabulous, and the aftermath of storm Irene has left us okay here.

    My thoughts are with the people still struggling to recover from the flooding. My family in other parts of Connecticut still do not have power, but it is nothing like the devastation in washed-out Vermont and in other places.

  11. Welcome back. Your trip to New Mexcio sounded like a delight. After seeing first hand the wreckage of Fran and Floyd, I always feel lucky when we miss the brunt of a major storm. I have been following what Irene did in New England. It's amazing the horrible power than Mother Nature can weld.


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