May 14, 2011

A Little Break

Blogger took a vacation from blogging and went down for several days, and my latest post did too, although it's been re-posted again but without the comments. 

Google says they are working on restoring the deleted posts along with the missing comments ---  so it may appear twice.

But no matter.

I too am taking a vacation from blogging and will be down for a few days. I will be back toward the end of May.

I am not, however, taking a vacation from gardening.  Our destination is Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis. 

Oh yeah. 

I'll be back soon.


  1. Laurrie, I went to the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis a couple of years ago. Ooohed and aaahed the whole time I was there. I like Boston, too, although the last one I went to felt a little too commercial. Enjoy your time in the midwest. You're sure to have warmer temperatures than we have here.

  2. Safe travels Laurrie, Enjoy your vacation and looking forward to seeing what you are inspired by at the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis.

  3. You are gonna love it there Laurrie. I live only 3.5 hours from there. Can't wait to see your impressions of the place.

  4. Have fun Laurrie and get lots of photos for us. I have never been there.

  5. I've been there and its wonderful! You've picked a great time because it's not blisteringly hot. Have fun!! :o)

  6. A vacation, how wonderful! Looking forward to seeing your pictures when you get back.

  7. Enjoy your trip! We live only about 3 hours from MOBOT, yet I've never been. One of these days...

  8. Vacation? What is that? ;)
    Laurrie, I hope you will have a wonderful, enjoyable and first of all a safe trip.
    Hopefully you will post lots of pictures from the Botanical Garden in St. Louis.
    Paula Jo


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