April 7, 2011

Angelina, Angelina

Sedum rupestre 'Angelina' just amazes me.  I picked up a mixed pot of succulent plants at Home Depot one year, and when the season was over I planted some of them out in the garden.  This little sedum was among them.

From one plant I have a spreading groundcover that is just beautiful.  Who knew?

It roots easily where ever a tiny succulent "branch' falls, and it spreads beautifully.  Not aggressively, but rapidly and thoroughly, smothering weeds.  Like any sedum it likes dry infertile soil, such as the spot along this brick wall where the overhanging eaves prevent any water from reaching this strip.

In winter and earliest spring it is golden hued with subtle red and rust tones. It just lights up the edges and far corners of the winter-tired garden and cold brown mulch. 

It provides a little richness below dormant twiggy shrubs and trees.

When the weather warms it turns a lovely light green, almost chartreuse at times, and sometimes even yellow.  It gets a bit spikier as the tiny stalks grow like a miniature pine forest.

Remember, this was all from one plant I took out of a container and plopped in my garden, later dividing it multiple times and replanting any stray branchlets as they occurred.

The yellow flowers in summer rise on small stalks, about three inches high.  I don't like them, so I cut them off.  I prefer the soft flat carpet look of the foliage rather than the blooms.

I had absolutely no expectations of this sedum when I took it out of a spent container and put in in the ground.  Didn't expect much of anything. 

Angelina, Angelina, how you charmed me. 


  1. "I have antipasti twice, just because she is so nice, Angelinaaaaa!"

    Sorry. Every time I see that name I want to sing like Louis Prima :D

  2. That's amazing that so much plant came out of one container. I agree though, it's awfully nice and a great cover under the other plants. I would be happy to have it in my garden as well.

  3. Hmmm I wonder how that would do down here, it is beautiful.

  4. Hi Laurrie, I had some of this sedum but lost it. You have reminded me how pretty it is-I must see if I can get some more. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  5. Kyna, now I'm singing too!

    Marguerite, it did turn out to be a great groundcover.

    Sweetbay, it would probably do well... it's a sedum and likes hot and sun.

    Jennifer, the only reason I can think that this tough sedum would be lost might be too much water. It likes dry, and doesn't ask for much else.

  6. I used this in a pot and the little limbs that fell to the ground under it have rooted without any help from me. I too like this little girl growing in my garden without any encouragement.

  7. Lisa, they do root so readily! This has to be the easiest plant to grow.


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