March 14, 2011

Becky's Bees

My friend Becky lives on a high ridge in eastern Kentucky, not far from Lexington.  She has extensive flower gardens, layered shrub borders, a big veggie garden, many newly planted trees, a grassy field and some mature forest around it all.  She has a far view of the river below where the mists settle in the deep ravine on warm mornings.  She has hilltop breezes, and a hammock in the deep shade where I have dozed on a hot summer day.

 She has four acres that she tends, and it is a truly beautiful spot.

Becky and her first bees, 2009
And she has bees.  As if gardening on four acres is not enough, she has a hive of bees producing honey and is about to add a second hive. 

This is now starting to sound serious.  One hive is a hobby.  Two hives are big business.  In fact, she is going into production, and is starting a label.

That's where you all come in, loyal blog readers.  I know you are plant enthusiasts and garden designers and not marketers.  But Becky's honey needs a name.  She is getting labels made, and needs something catchy.

I have been amazed at the creativity I see on the garden blogs I read, so I'd love to know what any of you would name a locally produced artisanal honey.  

I haven't tasted her golden treasure yet, but Max, who supervises the bees, says it will be light, with elements of wildflower and clover.
This is Max, who has been no help at all in naming the new honey, although he does have strong opinions about everything else.


  1. Kentucky Sunshine? You know, the healthy liquid, as opposed to moonshine :) Very impressed with Becky and her bees!

  2. Cyndy, I love it! I like the play on moonshine / sunshine.

  3. I have 7 hives that my son and I take care of. I love seeing local back yard bee keepers! We need more of them all over the country.
    Elijah and I call our operation,
    Bee Kind Apiaries.

  4. I too like KENTUCKY SUNSHINE.Cute name. Bee Sweet.

  5. I'm not very creative this early in the morning, Laurrie (still haven't adjusted to the time change), but I love Cyndy's idea! It makes me think of a sunny day in the country, just the way you described Becky's home.

  6. While I'm not terribly creative with names I will second (third, or fourth?) Kentucky Sunshine. What a great suggestion.

  7. Chris, 7 hives is a real business --- love the name Bee Kind!

    Donna, Rose and Marguerite, it looks like Kentucky Sunshine is a popular suggestion!

  8. Bee Mine? Ketchy, right?

    Max is just saving himself. He'll probably come up with a name at the last minute.

  9. I, too, love Kentucky Sunshine!! And I am thinking of adding a second hive...just wish I had four acres!!

  10. Hi Laurie,
    A label/name can have a big impact-look at the success of the Burt's Bees line of products. This is an interesting challenge you present! I will put my mind to it and get back to you if i come up with something good.

  11. Sweetbay, you have a great deal of faith in Max.

    Helen, glad to hear from another beekeeper, welcome!

    Jennifer, I hope your creative thinking cap is on!


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