January 5, 2011

Indoor Potted Tree

The Christmas tree is denuded and awaiting its move to the cellar.  But I can't do it alone and the cats are no help.  Jim can't even think about helping me wrangle it downstairs, ever since the Christmas blizzard when his sciatica kicked up while snow blowing.  He is in agony, unable to move or lift, and headed to the doctor, finally, for help.  I feel so bad for him.  But.

I have a naked fake tree standing in my living room and it is driving me nuts.  Christmas is over and I sooo want to get rid of it. 

I'm considering all the ways I could drag it outside myself and around to the basement door, or simply heave it down the stairs when he's not looking.  It will land somewhere; how bad could the damage be? It's plastic.

I am always completely over the holidays when they pass. 

Okay, it actually looks very realistic without the ornaments.  Very conifer-like and not dissimilar to the spruces I grow in my garden.  Could I pass it off as an indoor plant, like a Norfolk Island pine or very big ficus, and just leave it up in the corner all year?

How about this: I remove the Christmas tree skirt at its base, shove it back into the corner, add some tall houseplants arranged around it, and call it an indoor potted tree.  I'll put a side table nearby.

I could hang little paper origami birds on it for Easter, and red and blue ribbons for Fourth of July.  How easy it would be each Christmas to just put the red and white skirt around it and add the ornaments!

I can't tell whether the agitated moaning next to me is Jim's reaction to his pain meds wearing off or his excitement about my decorating ideas.

To all of you who carefully select a live tree each year, please forgive.  I used to.


  1. Laurrie, your sense of humor is wonderful!! At least your tree is nude...mine is still up with decorations, lights, and all! It really needs to go...unless...

    p.s. hope your hubby is feeling better soon.

  2. Such a cute post and it brought a smile. So many ideas too.

  3. I have thought about leaving my tree up for the lights during winter. I miss all of those soft twinkle lights in the dead of winter.
    Most artificial trees come apart into sections. Maybe if you take yours apart you can manage to move it to the basement.

    Good luck.

  4. Cat, Donna and Lisa, thanks for chuckling with me. As of late this afternoon it is safely in the basement, in its canvas bag. I could take the top 1/4 off, and then wrestling the tubby bottom part by myself was highly awkward but doable. I did it while hubby was at the doctor's so he wouldn't try to help.

  5. Here's my tip - go tabletop! Mine gets covered with a sheet, lights, ornaments and all, and carried down to the basement after the holiday is over. They make some very pretty ones now, and I don't miss the big one at all.

  6. Sorry to hear about Jim's sciatica.

    We don't really have a wind-up for the holidays, and I miss the tree when it's gone. We had a live one though, and it'd been up for a month.

  7. Cyndy, I suggested a tabletop this year and it was my husband (yes, the one with the bad back) who wouldn't have it. He wants the big tree. grrrr

    Sweetbay, A live tree is still the nicest, but after a month I would want it out!

  8. You must have an indiscrete corner somewhere the tree can live until help arrives. But if it's still hanging around until Valentine's Day it would look cute with red hearts.
    If I lived closer I'd come help you dispose of the rest of Christmas.

  9. Joene, I do have some heart ornaments already that I hang for Christmas. I could easily repurpose them! Good news, the tree is down and I did it myself. I somehow got it into the bag and then when I tipped it down the stairs it kind of slid gently. No damage (I don't think).


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