December 29, 2010

Twelve Months Past

Wordless 2010
JANUARY 30: Ilex verticillata

FEBRUARY 8: Invasion
MARCH 14: Hamamelis mollis 'Sweet Sunshine'

APRIL 22: Cercis 'Oklahoma' and Fothergilla in bloom

MAY 17: Camassias

JUNE 3: Spring exuberance

JULY 11: Physostegia 'Miss Manners' and Echinacea 'Pink Double Delight'

AUGUST 27: Caryopteris and Zinnias

SEPTEMBER 10: Abelia blooming, Itea turning red

OCTOBER 11: Oxydendrum arboreum

NOVEMBER 12: 'October Glory' red maple

DECEMBER 27: Happy New year


  1. And a Happy New Year to you, Laurrie! I love the retrospective on the past year. While it's cold and snowy outside, there's nothing more enjoyable than looking through the colorful photos of warmer months in the garden.

    I see your Christmas wish was granted; I'm glad you are safe and sound and warm, though. We had a record-setting December snowfall here--I cringed every time I heard "White Christmas":)

  2. Beautiful retrospective. We get huge flocks of Grackles here in winter, very dramatic when they fly in to roost, which they often do in the tulip poplars above the house.

    I am finding your green grass mesmerizing! Spring green all the season, unlike the grass here, and really sets off your plantings.

    You have a wonderful plant collection. As I read blogs I am collecting a "must-have" list and your review has reminded me to write down more.

    I haven't seen "Sweet Sunshine" before. It's a beauty!

  3. A wonderful wordless overview of your 2010 garden. Happy New Year.

  4. How lovely! You truly do have an all season garden. :)

    Happy New Years to you!

  5. Laurrie, Happy New Year to you, too. What a great look back at your gardens throughout the year. I love the little fothergilla. I'm going to add that to my wish list for 2011. For some reason I always overlook it in the nursery but I do love it when I see it in other people's gardens.

  6. Rose, thanks! It is so much fun to go back through old pictures. (And the good news is that White Christmas is no longer playing now!)

    Sweetbay, the green grass is my husband's doing (he tends the lawn, I do the gardens) and it involves way more fertilizer than is appropriate. sigh) The Sweet Sunshine witch hazel is a favorite.

    Lisa, thanks so much and happy new year to you!

    Garden Ms. S, thank you! I love the garden in all seasons, not just when it blooms. Have a happy new year.

    Debbie, the fothergilla is a great shrub, although I really don't care for its odd, spiky blooms. I really like it better as a foliage plant, for its nice structure at mid level, and the fall color is spectacular.

  7. Happy New Year, Laurrie. I'm sure your 2011 garden will be as lovely ... or moreso ... than it was in 2010.

  8. I love these look backs. Your February invasion, I had one yesterday in my pear tree. All these black birds covering the trees, with fruit flying. I never think to get the camera or video camera when I am standing there in amazement. Lucky you did. Loved this picture as I did with all the beautiful color and blooms you showed us.

  9. Joene, thank you! And a happy new year of gardening to you too.

    Donna, thanks for visiting here, and for the fave on Blotanical!

  10. Happy New Year to you too! Your garden is growing beautifully. Thanks for sharing your photos and your sense of humour.

  11. Shirley, thanks for visiting!


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