December 16, 2010

Searching and Finding

These are some of the search terms that brought visitors to my blog in the past year:

"magnolias with diamonds on them"  I like that one. I'm glad the searcher found my post on Magnolia virginiana, a pretty tree that does in fact look like it has diamonds on it when it glitters in the breeze.

"whoppa whoppa whoppa"  That's just weird.  Who types that in?  What were they looking for?  And did they find it on my blog?

"my neighbor blows his weeds in middle of road"  I like to think my blog helped assuage suburban strife somewhere.

"expensive specimen tree"  Surely they came to the right place for that.  They must have found all my costly forays into arbor care.

"graft and corruption begins at home"  It sure does.

"hilarious usps abbreviations"  You need a finely honed sense of humor to search for the wit in state postal codes.  Especially if you wind up on a gardening blog page.

It's fun to track these search terms back to the posts I wrote, and see how Google thinks.  Comments are part of the search, so some of these hits came from the terms others used when they left me a comment.

Other bloggers have had silly search terms that delivered readers to their blogs.  Let me know what you've seen!


  1. I'm still tittering over whoppa whoppa. Some recent ones on my blog - "cross pollination of strawberries and onions". umm, I don't think that would taste too great. "Tragedies of gardening". I guess you could call my efforts tragic. "Big and tell rant". No I didn't misspell that but maybe they did. But then that would suggest they meant to type Big and TALL rant which still doesn't make sense to me. What have your shopping habits got to do with my vegetables?

  2. Doesn't it make you wonder what Whoppa means? Kids always have made up words that mean something. They tend to speak a different language. Now I am wondering. I am also thinking I am getting old. ha

  3. Hi Laurrie,
    Your posts are always so entertaining and funny. I love the "Whoppa whoppa whoppa"! What on earth were they thinking? I have seen some odd searches as well, but have never made note of them. There are over 80 searches for "three dogs and a garden" whereas the blogs title is actually "Three dogs in a garden". That's what I get for going with a phrase for a title!
    P.S. I enjoyed reading your post on holly.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I haven't looked at the search terms before now, and didn't see any recent ones that are entertaining like yours. Now I wonder what I may have been missing.

    off to google whoppa whoppa whoppa... I hope the searchers found what they were looking for.

  5. Marguerite, the strawberry onion thing would be a tragedy of gardening I believe.

    Lisa, if it was kids typing in whoppa, they must have been disappointed to get to my blog!

    Jennifer, thanks. My title is a phrase too, and I get multiple variations as people search around for something they sort of remembered.

    Sweetbay, I hope you're checking search terms now, you;d be surprised how readers get to your blog!

  6. Laurrie, I haven't been here to visit for a while but I need to visit more often because this post really cracked me up!! Graft and corruption begins at home huh? Somebody was disappointed to find your blog which probably doesn't really support their theory about grafting :-)

    I took a look at my blog search terms and they were all boring, mostly about house sparrows and hummingbird plants, so keep us posted with your fascinating readership and what they are looking for in the blogosphere :-)

  7. Ellen, I'm glad you stopped by for a visit and got a chuckle out of this one!


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