December 21, 2010

A Hole in the Map

The entire northern hemisphere is covered in snow, but not here.  The US midwest and west and mountains and upper New England is snow covered.  Washington DC and Kentucky to the south of me are looking at white.  Cape Cod to the east is snowy.  We won't even talk about England, buried catastrophically in snow an ocean away.

But here in a tiny swath of land at the eastern edge of the continent our grass is bare, our mulch looks ratty and plants are shivering naked in the wind.

The green arrow on this Snow Depth map from yesterday (12/20) shows where my garden sits, right between the snow cover (light blue: a couple inches) of western Connecticut and the fringe of snow to my east along Rhode Island and Cape Cod.  The brown spot shows we literally have snow all around us... within just a few miles... but none here.  We're sitting in a hole in the map.  Nature didn't color completely inside the lines.

I'm apoplectic about this because the garden suffers when it is laid bare to cold temperatures with no insulating blanket of snow.  But I'm really more upset because my son is bringing his girlfriend home for Christmas and she was raised in Florida and then lived in Los Angeles.  She's coming to New England!  For Christmas!  There must be snow.
Green holly needs snow as a backdrop, not brown weeds.
And this looks ridiculous. Brown blobs and green lawn.  Gaudy red berries with no white background.
I know I need to be careful what I wish for, especially as travelers make their way home this week for the holidays.  I don't want my son and his girlfriend hung up in an airport with weather delays.  But a little white frosting for her sake would have been nice.

It's just so odd,  snow all around us, to the north, south, east and west.  But a strange hole in the map right over my little half acre.  I'm going to get the blue crayons out and color in that last millimeter on the very edge of the Snow Depth map.  That should do it.


  1. It's downright ridiculous I think. We too are missing our white frosting this year and the weathermen have told us it simply won't happen. and I thought moving to the east coast guaranteed a white christmas. I'm a victim of false advertising.

  2. Yes, if only that blue crayon would do it I'd color a little spot right there in Central Texas! Just for Christmas...downright hot here today (82) but calling for highs in the low 50's for Christmas which will be nice to have a little chill in the air for the holiday! Great post, btw, I love your cleverness ;-)

  3. I will help you all I can, I hope you get snow too. It doesn't seem right that you don't have snow. It is not uncommon for us to be snow free for Christmas. We usually don't have snow and won't have this year as all the snow will be gone by the end of this day. It is 42here. It almost feels like spring.

  4. It's a strange circumstance ... fingers crossed you get just a dusting of the white stuff before your son and his partner arrive!

    This circumstance where you're surrounded by snow and your spot is the only place without it ... that's exactly what it's like for us when it comes to rain. My spot is in a rain shadow ... and this year aside which has been unseasonably wet for us ... all around us gets lots of lovely rain throughout the year, while we stay dry! It's downright annoying!

  5. It's looking like the South up there. I hope you get some snow for Christmas!

  6. Sunday or Monday ... think snow for Sunday or Monday

  7. Hmmm, on that map it looks like we are in the 8 - 16" range. Wanna do tradsies? You can have half - heck, I've got the Christmas spirit, how about two-thirds? I'll even through in the shovel. hee hee

    Hope you get at least a dusting for your visitor, maybe even on Christmas Eve. :)

  8. Thanks everyone for weighing in!

    All of you with snow up to your knees, you do have my sympathy. And all of you without it, in a rain shadow or in a snow hole on the map, I can sympathize with you too! Have a wonderful holiday wherever you are, with or without precipitation!


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