November 18, 2010

A Garden on the Beach

We went to Hammonasset beach last weekend, on a sunny November day.  I am always amazed at the tenacity of plants that survive in the harsh conditions at the ocean's edge. This little bayberry, growing in a crack in a rock, caught my attention as we walked along East Beach toward Meigs Point.

There were other things growing in the rocks at water's edge, just as precarious and just as tenacious.  Jim says these are cairns built by beachgoers this summer, but I dispute that.

If nature could grow a woody shrub like a bayberry in a shallow crack on the side of a rock facing the salt spray of Long Island Sound.....

.... why wouldn't it make sense that she would grow beautiful rock spires out of the tops of salt sprayed boulders?  Isn't it obvious?  

Jim rolled his eyes.  He often does.

He doesn't understand the mysteries that grow in the garden every day, much less the wonders that could grow in a garden on the beach. 


  1. Garden fairies are known to make these cairns also. Of course rocks grow in place. No doubt about it. Who would think a shrub could grow in a crack. Perhaps a beach fairy likes bonsai.

  2. Lisa, those crafty garden fairies!!


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