November 14, 2010

Fire in the Backyard

Fall morning.
Six forty five a.m. and it's 33 degrees outside.
I get up to open the shade.

I'm groggy and my glasses are on the nightstand.  I start to get alarmed.

What is going on out there?  Did something catch fire in the backyard?  Should I call someone?  Where are my glasses?  Where is my phone?

I'm awake.  I'm awake already!

I'll put the coffee on and calm down a little.  I don't really think I need the caffeine this morning.  I'm wide awake.


  1. Wow Laurrie, that fourth photo is amazing! The detail of the frost on the window is so pretty along with the vibrant color of the foliage. I can't imagine having that kind of fall color so fabulously displayed right outside my bedroom window! You're a lucky girl ;-) Glad is was only the blaze of the foliage!

  2. Whoa ho! What a blaze. Mother nature paid your garden a very special visit. :)


  3. Funny post! I can so identify as I am "visually challenged" when I don't have glasses on the end of my nose!

  4. Thanks, everyone! Even fully awake, the tree startles me every time I look out the window.

  5. Very cute! Hasn't the color been fantastic this year - I'm amazed at how many fiery maples are hanging on to their leaves even now.

  6. Clever story Laurrie. Your tree is a gorgeous ball of fire.

  7. Your maple reminds me of a mature maple that stood outside the kitchen window of my former house. It was so large that the two rooms on that side of the house glowed a peachy red until the leaves fell. It was spectacular ... thanks for the memory.

  8. Cyndy, Lisa, and Joene, thanks! the fantastic fiery color of this maple does infuse the inside of my rooms with a red glow all day!


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