October 21, 2010

The Softer Side of Fall

I am always dazzled at this time of year by the vibrant colors in the woods all around me.  But there is a softer palette of dark complex reds and pale pink hues that autumn uses, and I like that too.

My garden has gotten rosy and restful after a summer of blooming high color.

The Sheffield Pink hardy mums are an old favorite, a very pale apricot.

I like the soft pink mums below the deep wine Stewartia foliage.

But why do the rabbits insist on helping with the pinching?  This is just not necessary.

A patch of Geranium wlassovianum is fiery red purple when it catches the afternoon sun, but in the morning shade, it softens to a deep dusky plummy color.

Itea virginica is saturated in red, but it is such a deep, clear garnet that is is calming.

Sweetgum mixes brick red with shiny green, and it looks softly dappled from afar.

They're not white, they're not pink, but they are cloudlike... Sedum 'Frosty Morn'.

And of course, the dusty rose of panicle hydrangea, H. paniculata 'Tardiva'.

I like the deeper softer side of Fall.


  1. So many gorgeous reds and pinks ... your Geranium wlassovianum is simply stunning. Fabulous foliage on your Itea as well ... such a rich colour.
    Your rabbits and my wallabies ... there must be a better place for them!!! Somewhere NOT in our gardens. Great post, Laurrie ... loved that top shot of your garden too.

  2. MMmmmm I like the rich warm pallette of fall. Those rascally rabbits are a nusiance aren't they.

  3. Bernie, thanks. I sure wouldn't want a wallabie in my garden (are they big critters?) The rabbits are bad enough, but they're little and I've gotten used to them.

    Lisa, the soft colors really are pleasing... the rabbits: not so much!

  4. Love the colors of the Stewartia, geranium and Itea. The Itea that grows wild here doesn't usually have such a glowing red color as yours -- more of deep burgundy and red, like the cultivar 'Saturnalia'.

  5. Beautiful pictures Laurrie - I think our New England fall is especially lovely this year.

  6. ooh some mouthwatering color combinations there Laurrie...particularly love the single pink mums alongside the dark stewartia foliage...your garden is such an inspiration, I hope your gardening style permeates your whole neighborhood!

  7. HI Laurrie: Been a while since I visited your blog, Enjoyed my visit.
    Fall is a beautiful time of the year, cool temps make gardening a pleasure.

    Have a great evening,

  8. Sweetbay, Thanks, I do love the deep red of the itea. It's actually 'Henry's Garnet'.

    Cyndy, I thought at first we'd have a poor fall because of the drought, but this last week has been glorious in CT.

    Ellen, I wish the whole neighborhood was actively gardening... neighbors to the left do, but the house to the right is vacant and so sad. I know you can picture it from being here!

    John, thanks for coming back for a visit. Stop by again. I checked back with yours and love the squirrel antics!

  9. I, too, love the rosy pinks and wines of fall. Your fall blooms are quite lovely. Sorry about the rabbit - I've had one of those critters munching on my fall blooms, too!

  10. Hi Laurrie, I love the plummy shades of the patch of Geranium. Plants that glow like that in the fall really earn their keep.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  11. Deborah, thanks for commiserating about the rabbit : ), and for admiring the rosy colors!

    Garden Ms. S, I always think of that geranium wlass. as a fall plant even though it's a pretty spring and summer bloomer like most geraniums.


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