October 20, 2010

Butterscotch Hickories

Some years the fall color in our part of New England is full of the fiery reds of red maples, and some years it's overrun with the hot oranges of the sugar maples.

One year the Norway maples filled the forests everywhere with clear bright yellow.  They're an invasive tree crowding out everything else in the woods, but the sparkling light yellow was cheerful and sunny.

Apparently every year the sylvan spirits convene and decide what the fall color of the season will be.  It's different each year, it really is.

This year the hickories won, and their rich butterscotch tans and tawny golds are the dominant color in the landscape.  I've never seen so many standout shagbarks and pignuts and butternuts and mockernuts.  The woods everywhere are a warm delicious brown sugar color.

Dahlia 'Gingersnap' echoes this new color trend in fall styles.

I can't stop thinking of butterscotch pudding.

Or ice cream, or blondies, or those Nestles butterscotch chips for baking.

Or caramel sauce on top of stuff.

Help me, help me.


  1. I love the fall color of hicktories -- such a warm vivid golden color.

    Try to think of cinammon rolls and pumpkin bread instead!

  2. I'll help you alright. Pass the spoon with those blondies. Yummm. Aren't fall colors just the best.

  3. Help you? Laurrie, I am now craving a butterscotch sundae - right before bed! Yikes! (Yummy post) :)

  4. Thanks for the chuckles. You made me laugh. I can't help but think about all those creamy sweets now too. :) Nice to know every year the color is different in your part of the world.~~Dee

  5. Thanks everyone, for chiming in and indulging my butterscotch / cinnamon / sugar treat fantasies!


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