September 4, 2010

Earl? Earl?

The weather event of the summer in New England completely missed us.  Hurricane Earl slid by to the east (my little patch of earth is just above the a in Hartford on the map).

Although we were within 10 miles of the edge of the hurricane we got not a drop of rain, not a whisper of a breeze.  You could see the heavy burdened clouds lumbering just to our east.  You could smell the rain in the air.  You could almost hear the pelting sound of driving rain hitting the hard earth just over the ridge beyond.  But here, nothing at all.
No wind was a relief, of course.  But it hasn't rained nearly enough all summer and I have been daunted trying to get any water out to the back hill and meadow where I have dozens of little saplings struggling in the heat and drought.  I've been daunted trying to water the gardens and new transplants in my yard, and even the established trees look sad.  I've even been overwhelmed trying to water the unhappy containers baking on the patio every day.

Rain in the forecast was welcome, so I held off on the watering chores, expecting several inches of heavy collateral precipitation from the edge of the hurricane.  You couldn't help hearing about it all week.... Earl's coming!  Rain is coming!  I watched its track up the east coast with eager obsession all week.  It's coming!

It didn't.
I need to drag the hose out into the meadow


  1. Jeez, I was wrong in my last blog post. I thought we got nothing off of Earl..but you REALLY got nothing. At least we got a bit of rain overnight...

  2. We haven't seen rain or breeze from Earl either. Of course I live way inland but sometimes we have had risidual from hurricanes. Usually the ones that come up through the Gulf. We have some lovely cooler air here today though. I am so happy. I've been outside watering all day. This drought is the worse one I ever remember happening here. Sigh~~

  3. Laurrie, Here in Stamford we had a few sprinkles but that was it. Like you, I'd been gearing up for an inch or two to quench my thirsty garden but Earl never delivered so I was outside this morning watering. Maybe we need a good ol' fashioned rain dance to get the heavens to open up!

  4. Yup, us too... everyone I know from other parts of the country was calling with advice on how to batten down the hatches, so we took in everything that might blow away, hid the glass table tops, and shut all the storm windows in the three-season porch (it was a bit of work!) All for about half an hour of drizzle! Oh well... I guess I got a jump start on my fall cleaning!
    - Meg

  5. Kyna, Even though Earl was a poop, I loved your stormy looking beach pictures.

    Lisa, It's too bad that you are having drought too, and such a bad one. Keep watering!

    Debbie, I thought the shore would get rain, but you got shut out too. Boy, we all need some good ole rain. Badly.

    Madame Meg, I did the same thing... even wrestled the 85 pound umbrella stand into the garage! Ha!

  6. Oh Laurrie, on my side of the Connecticut river valley we did get a few hours of overnight rain, so sorry it missed you! Still seems like we're in deficit though...

  7. Cyndy, I envy you! Even a little bit of rain would have helped here. I'm glad you got some.

  8. I'm a little late in responding to this post ... I've been busy watering.

  9. Joene, .... and watering and watering. No end in sight.


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