August 21, 2010

It's My Birthday Today

There are 174 people on facebook who spell their names Laurrie, with two Rs. 
174!  I spent my life correcting people who insisted on spelling my name with one R, and I had a boss who wrote responses to my memos by jotting "Lori", right next to the typed header that said "Laurrie".  Not once, by mistake, but every single time he returned a memo to me.  I worked for him for two years.  His name was Chip. There were so many possibilities for retribution.

174 registered on facebook?  So it's not unique.  I still have to go through life with two Rs, correcting forms and sign ins.

When I remarried in 1999 I applied for a Social Security card in my new married last name.  After 50 years with two Rs, my application prompted the Social Security administration to change my first name to Laurie.  I now have to submit an original birth certificate with my given first name, and a maiden name I last had in 1971 to get it corrected. But that's no guarantee they won't alter my middle name.  Which would be a good thing, come to think of it.  Who even likes their middle name?  But still.

For years I blamed my parents for the troubles with my name.

Now I blame the government.


  1. Happy Birthday, Laurrie ... I do hope you had a wonderful day! I promise to always use the double rr!!!

    It's amazing how your old boss kept on spelling your name incorrectly ... that's just plain rude!

    I'm also flabbergasted that someone at Social Security obviously made a typo and never bothered to check!

    I can sort of relate to your exasperation about having people spell your name correctly ... it's amazing just how many people don't know how to spell Bernadette!!! Now I know it's an old-fashioned name, but it's fairly simple to sound out!!!!

    Let's hope for better days ahead with the name game!

  2. Haha! My first name really is Kyna, and my maiden last name was a Ukrainian nightmare spelling-wise. I know all about people insisting on getting my name wrong. I've been called Kyra, Kyla, Kendra, Kiara, Kenya, K-eye-na, Kayla, Kyan, and when I had a job with phone customer service, someone thought I was a dude and called my Cliff.

    My middle name is Rae, which actually isn't too bad. Unless you put it together with my first name. Kyna Rae. Then it sounds hick :P


  3. Bernie, I guess everyone has trials and tribulations with their name spellings, even a name as phonically clear as Bernadette. Thanks for your encouraging wishes!

    Kyna, yours is such a pretty, short easy name and no one can get it right? I laughed at "Cliff"!

  4. Being named Joene (pronounced J-long o-long e-n-silent e), I feel your frustration. I've been Joanne, Joline, Joan, Jean ... even John. Those who cannot remember my name often call me Jo, which is certainly better than calling me to RSVP an invitation and telling me I misspelled my own name - this really happened.
    I've not had the government change my name's spelling for me ... yet.
    Hope you enjoyed your birrthday, Laurrie.

  5. Joene, it amazes me how the simplest names get mangled!

  6. What a pain, but what a funny story! Thanks for making me laugh. :) I was in need of a smile.

  7. A belated Happy Birthday Laurrie. The government seems to try to make life difficult. I hope you had a fun day.

  8. Michelle with two Ls, I'm glad you got a laugh!

    Lisa, thanks for the kind wishes :)

  9. A belated happy birthday to you!

  10. Oh, and silly me, I forgot to say Happy Birthday! :D

  11. Fern and Michelle: thanks so much!


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