August 30, 2010

From the Back of Beyond

I am used to looking at my gardens from the front.  I enjoy sitting on my patio and deck looking out at the trees and borders, and I like having my coffee while wandering around the yard, which always means a line of sight or a walk from the house to the front of each garden area.

A few days ago I turned around, and looked back at the house from the far side beyond the garden.   Here is what the deer see as they stand in the meadow, checking out the menu items on offer:

And here is the back alley between the compost pile (out of sight to the left) and the backside of the berm where we planted spruce trees and birches to hide us from a busy road:

I am accustomed to seeing the dry creek bed as a connector going left to right from the garden to the berm, tying garden elements together.  But this shot is lengthwise, viewing its short meander downslope as if I'm about to set off on its twisting path to the ocean of weeds at its mouth:

Another view from the meadow, looking back into the yard as the sun went down behind our neighbor's house:

Standing in my neighbor's yard, looking back at my house:

Every once in a while go out back and look at everything from a different perspective, from beyond your usual way of seeing things.  Such lessons we can learn from that simple reversal!

Everything does look a little different from the back of beyond.


  1. Your back garden looks great. I love the dry creek bed.

    When I look back at my house from the back of the garden I realize that I am in dire need of more foundation plantings. *sigh* :)

  2. Your neighbors certainly shouldn't complain. Your garden looks great from every angle.

  3. After the house behind us burned down, I went and took some pictures of our house and garden from that angle. It looks down on us, and I can see that I need a lot of tall trees or that hedge to get growing to give us some privacy, but it is fascinating to see it from another view.

  4. Garden Ms. S, Lisa, and Deborah, it is such a different view from an altered perspective. A life lesson there...


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