July 1, 2010


Oops, I think this sage is reverting.  Almost looks like a flower, but it is pink foliage sprouting from the dusty purple leaves of a Salvia purpurascens.

Oops, I didn't plant this.  I don't think I did.  Maybe I did.  It helps if you write down everything you plant.  (I actually found this in my friend Becky's garden but I don't think she planted it either.)

Oops, get the stakes out.  This is Penstemon barbatus 'Elfin Pink' flopping on the ground.  Elfin?  Really?  It's 4 feet tall and can't stand up.

Oops, call an ambulance.  These knockout roses overdosed on cherry cough syrup and the medicine red color has to be toned down with lots of blue foliage and green leaves, but I think I'm losing that battle.

Oops, that dark purple flowered mess in front of the chair is mint.  Mint.  I had mint in my garden, and now I don't, but it still smells like mint in that section, and of course I am still pulling out runners.  And I always will, as you can never get rid of mint.  But I did love the dark chocolaty maroon color of its flower spikes.

The first of every month is an opportunity to share Gardening Oops, or GOOPs, at Joene's.   It has occurred to me I am apparently never going to run out of examples of gardening mistakes.


  1. Hi Laurrie, all of your oops are delightful. The sage is especially nice and the feline regal. Knockout is a star in my book, the brilliant color catches the eye in a sea of green, or better yet, blue. :-)

  2. Oh my, I hope your friend doesn't end up with a garden full of kittens. That cat looks very well established there in that pot. I am always amazed when those elfin plants become a godzilla remake.

  3. Oh good ... another gardener with an endless supply of Gardening Oops (GOOPs). I'm enjoying the company!

    Thanks for participating in GOOPs Day on the first of each month.

    I agree that you're losing the battle with the knockout roses - very cherry but also very cheery.

    My GOOPs is about losing my sanity.

  4. My whole garden is an oops at the moment. lol

  5. Laurrie, you make me laugh. I like the cherry cough syrup analogy. Maybe some yellow too? 'Hyperion' daylilies are nice? I think your garden is wonderful, and I have some oops of my own too like the time I planted a red glad next to a pink daylily. Oops indeed.~~Dee

  6. Thanks, everyone, for laughing with me at my mistakes. Lisa, no chance of growing kittens in that container, as the regal black cat is Max, a boy cat. He gardens with a friend of mine in Kentucky.

  7. ooh, the mint may be an oops, but looks gorgeous in front of that white painted chair!


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