July 6, 2010

Gardenblogger's Studio

Get the crayons out.  We have 64 colors in the garden.  Saturated, vibrant colors.
 This colorful container was spotted at the Berkshire Botanical Garden.

Don't these look like daffodils?  Nope, they're the shining yellow blooms on a big St. Johnswort shrub, Hypericum frondosom 'Sunburst' in the middle of my border.

Nasturtiums, simple and plain.  
These are 'Empress of India', and they look redder in my garden. 

'Paprika' alchillea, which opens peppery red, but turns rosy.

Bee Balm, Monarda 'Petite Delight' is a deep pink.  I like the big red masses of Bee Balm that form giant stands, but I don't have the room for those, so I planted this dwarf variety.

This milkweed, Asclepias tuberosa, needs much more sun than I have given it, but the orange pop beaming out from the shade is wonderful.  I'll need to move it, though.  It really does need full sun.  They're reputed to be hard to move, with tap roots.

Sundrops, Oenothera tetragona, are so clear and bright yellow, that they are like beacons.  But they flop over and need staking, and the deer ate some of mine.

And for extra color in the garden, a shed with magenta doors, like this one at the Berkshire Botanical Garden, set up as a "Gardenblogger's Studio".

That's a stunning idea... a garden shed smack in the back border, with an internet connection, a comfy sofa, and blogging inspiration all around.  Can you imagine how much more scintillating my posts would be if I blogged in a hideaway like that?


  1. I might go into that hideaway and never come out except to dine. You would need a crayola box of 100 to capture all of these colors. Brilliant.

  2. Lisa, I thought about that too --- never coming out of the hideaway!

  3. laurrie - I love your blog. I'm so glad we got to compare notes on this 'shed'. Virtually compare, anyway. You should come visit my Cottage Ornee.


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