May 14, 2010

White Weddings

If June is the season for brides, why are so many of my shrubs dressed in their wedding gowns in early May?  Why so much white?  So much lace and finery and pristine white blooms?  It seems too early for a white wedding.

The Redtwig dogwoods are blooming white in early May:

And the Aronia arbutifolias are wearing open, airy whites:

And the doublefile viburnum, a small young one, but playing dress up nonetheless:

And the fothergilla. I think this one's the groom, though:

Spirea 'Ogon' looks very flouncy:

And my favorite, for how clear her delicate white flowers are, Deutzia gracilis 'Nikko':

I had two sons and never thought I'd have to host a wedding.  What am I doing with so many brides in my garden?


  1. I think you are doing the right thing. Taking lots of photographs of them and telling them how beautiful they are! Just think how much more money you can spend on your garden because you don't have daughters!

  2. Michaela, you are so right... no weddings to fund means more garden dollars!

  3. This gave me a chuckle. There are several brides in my garden now too.

  4. Lisa, don't you love the lacy white brides in the garden? So sweet looking!

  5. So, now your son's brides to be will want their weddings in your garden! Love the white spring blossoms, so sweet!

  6. What lovely delicate May brides you have Laurrie!
    I have been having a little giggle at the thought of how a June bride would look in her garden setting over here...a bit wet and bedraggled I think :D

  7. Garden Ms. S., oh how I would love my boys to get married here in my garden! (they live far away and are both resolutely single)

    Heidi, June must not be wedding time in your part of the world... December must be the big wedding month there.


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