May 28, 2010

Pink Parasols

Isn't it funny how we determine we don't like certain plants?  I don't know why, but I've never liked spireas.  The bridal wreath heaps that spew fountains of white blooms are too much for me, although if you have an old beach cottage at the shore you absolutely do need a bridal wreath spirea next to it.

And I don't like the garish Goldflame spirea.  Too gaudy.  Or the pinkiness of Anthony Waterer.  I could go on, but here's one I really do like:

Spirea fritschiana 'Pink Parasols':

It is softly pale pink in bloom.  The flowers are complex, multi layered and eye catching at each stage as they open, but the plant never shouts.

It's next to a Rose of Sharon 'White Chiffon', which will get frilly white hibiscus blooms later in the summer, after the Pink Parasols flowerheads turn rosy brown, and it hovers over my elegant Deutzia gracilis 'Nikko'.  At the right edge in the bottom of this shot is a female kiwi vine that I will train up the brick and siding.

The whole effect of the softness, the frilly white and fuzzy pink, and the female fruiting vine just makes me think of a bunch of giggling girls... it's all so feminine. 

In fall the deutzia will turn burgundy and the spirea will turn spectacular red, orange and yellow.  This is the first year for this plant combo in my garden, so we'll see how that mix goes.  Like silly girls, this can get out of hand pretty quickly.  But they can also be so sweet and pretty at times, like now in my spring garden.

I really like these Pink Parasols, despite my antagonism to spireas in general.  And I really like it planted with the other girls in this half sun / half shade garden at the side of the house.

Spirea fritschiana 'Pink Parasols' in MoBot's plant files.


  1. The girls look great flouncing their finery.

  2. Beautiful shrub! :) Awhile back I posted called 'You Say Potato, I say Potahto'
    about the very subject of the plants I just don't like no matter how hard I try lol. If everyone liked the same things, it would be a very boring world. That's what I tell my music customers that come in to see me at Barnes & Noble...they'll say 'You DON'T listen to [insert musician here]??? You're crazy!'


  3. Well, I feel better now. I thought I was the only one who didn't like spirea. They look nice, no doubt, but there is something in them... I don't know what... I am glad you found the one to love! Maybe, one day, I change my mind too.

  4. Lisa, they really are quite "flouncy" aren't they!

    Kyna, there's just no accounting for individual tastes... people have such differing likes and dislikes!

    Tatyana, there's a great post on native spireas at Adams Garden
    Who knew there were native ones that could be lovely?


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