May 8, 2010

Mother's Day a long time ago

He gave me a single rose for Mother’s Day.  It was the first year he could drive, so he could get to the florist himself. He bought it the day before, and knew it needed to stay cool, so he placed it where I wouldn’t find it, in the freezer in the basement. On Mother’s Day he presented it to me, a perfect, half opened bud in cellophane, a frosted, pallid brown shade of some former color. As I took it from him the entire frozen bloom shattered into fine dust, leaving me holding only the icy stem.  It was beautiful.


  1. A story told as only a proud Mom could ... love it!

    Read what my oldest wrote on his blog, ... one of my reasons to be proud.

    Happy Mother's Day, Laurrie.

  2. Awww! My little one just turned three and "made" me a box with a heart splashed in purple. I love it!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. What a lovely memory. Happy Mother's Day.

  4. Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes!

  5. My nearly 20-year-old stepson asked me today what I would do with the fall blooming clematis his brother gave me for Mother's Day until it bloomed. I told my husband later that I think we need to teach that boy about how things grow. I guess that's our project for the summer.

  6. Heather, what a great gift for Mother's Day... even if his brother has no clue about plants. You really do need to get that boy out into the garden!


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