May 1, 2010

Flowerbed Art: a Garden Oops

First of the month, time to show you a Garden Oops.  Visit Joene's Garden for more.

This one was not my fault!  Last spring I wanted a little whimsy in the flowerbed, so Jim made me a directional sign with wooden pointed fingers carefully aligned in the cardinal directions of the places where our adult children live.

One finger points to Tom in California, one to Greg in Colorado, and one to Hope in Massachu something.  Massachusatachusa huh?

Apparently there is no spell check in the basement woodworking shop.  All season I had to keep the sign covered with spindly blueberry branches so the error would not be seen.  The birds can't spell worth beans, but the chipmunks can, and their high pitched laughter was a little cruel.  This summer maybe I should ask Jim to fix it and reinstall the directional sign with the kids' zip codes.

And we are both natives of New England.  You'd think he could spell Massachsettachus.


  1. Bahahaha!! That's hilarious. I would totally keep it that way.

    At least your husband actually got around to making you the thing. My husband LIVES with a dictionary in his hand, he hates spelling things wrong. But when I ask him to build me something, he has a hard time getting around to it :P

  2. You are too funny girl. Maybe it would be easier to have the USPS abbreviations there. ;)

  3. That's funny. Perhaps he should decorate cakes. Have you ever been to the Cake Wrecks website?

  4. You wanted whimsy ... whimsy is what you have. It's you very own conversation piece.

    I'm so glad you are a GOOPs regular.

  5. Just too gorgeous - and exactly the sort of muck up I'd be capable of :D Love the strategically placed vegetation!

  6. Kyna, be careful what yo wish for...a husband who does projects doesn't always follow the gardener's design!

    Lisa, The state abbreviations wold be so simple! Couldn't mess those up.

    Sweet bay, I did see the cake wrecks site a few months back and cracked up. What a concept! I can't remeber how I found it, but the site was a hoot.

    Joene, whimsy is in the eye of the beholder I think.

    Gippslangardener, the sign did get taken down and reworked this year, so I won't have to put it behind the vegetation any more.

  7. Just loved it ... well at least he tried, the poor love! Being a teacher, I cringe every time I see spelling mistakes ... but luckily the blueberry branch did it's job and I didn't really see it all that clearly! I'd imagine the word Massachusetts get spelled incorrectly all the time ... it's big in primary school spelling bee competitions over here!

  8. Bernie, yes, I was grateful that he did the project! And it's been redone and fixed now.

  9. Laurrie - you make me laugh. Zip code might work - that will keep the chipmunks on their toes.

  10. Kelly, My goal in life is to amuse the chipmunks. So far so good.


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