April 24, 2010

Come for Breakfast

Today, as I walked around my gardens, all I could think of was breakfast.  Breakfast colors, breakfast foods.  Really.

Come for breakfast.  Don't dress up, jammies are fine.

You'll see what I mean when you get here.  I could just about smell the cinnamon toast as I spotted the cinnamony brown colored bark of my paperbark maple, Acer griseum.  Even the leaves are cinnamon colored as they emerge, making the whole tree a toasty warm brown all over in spring:
 Butter for that toast?

And berry jam?

There will be strawberries (Fragaria 'Mara des Bois') for your cereal:

And there will be blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum 'Northblue') for your pancakes:

And vibrant orange fresh squeezed juice:
(Actually these orange blooms are Geum 'Cooky', and I know we've all had cookies for breakfast... we have, haven't we?  Lorna Doones?  Oreos?   Just a few?  But I thought I'd make the orange juice connection here.)

So come to my house for breakfast.  I'll pour you a cup of Jim's good coffee, and we can walk around my gardens in our pjs, smelling cinnamon toast, slathering on the butter and jam.  And sampling the strawberries and blueberries...  mmmmm


  1. A whole post dedicated to comparing plants to delicious foods??

    You're so cruel :P :D

  2. Kyna, oh yes, I really worked up an appetite in the garden!

  3. That's adorable, Laurrie. Love your fantasy garden-breakfast (although the Fraises des Bois are going to be real all too soon!) And yes, guilty of eating gingersnaps for breakfast around the holidays. ;)

  4. Meredith, gingersnaps for breakfast sound yummy.

    Fern, thanks for coming by!

  5. ooh - when can I come? Maybe when the blueberries are blooming - i sure love a bowl with some cream and a good cup of joe. We ate our first strawberry this week - split it four ways - but it was yummy!

  6. Oh my, this made me hungry. My taste buds want some cinnamon toast and my eyes want more eye candy.

  7. Kelly: really, strawberries already in April? Or at least a strawberry!

    Lisa, thanks for stopping by for breakfast!

  8. Yum, the bark on your maple really is like cinammon. Delightful post!

  9. Sweet bay, thanks. I swear it even smells like cinnamon.. well, not really, but it's so suggestive.


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