February 16, 2010

Winter tenants

No one is up yet at the chalet.  I'd see cross country ski tracks if anyone had ventured out of the bungalow to go anywhere.  They must be sleeping in.  When the smoke starts to rise from the chimney I'll know the sausages are frying and pancakes are on the griddle.

The homesteaders left, probably went to Florida earlier this winter.  They're hardy folk, but the cabin's unheated and a little drafty, so I don't blame them for going south.  I'll keep an eye on the place til they get back.

The frat house needs a good cleaning.  I'll wait until Spring.  They're all pretty busy with exams and papers right now.  But when the warm weather comes, I'll need to get in there with some bleach and a vacuum.

Have you checked on your tenants this winter?  Look around and make sure they're okay, especially if you get a lot of snow where you are.


  1. Adorable! If I lost a *few* pounds I would come stay in the chalet :)

    I'm sure the frat house will be rocking again before you know it.

  2. I'll book a room for you next winter at the chalet, Garden Ms. S!

  3. Karen, thanks for stopping by to check on my tenants!


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