February 12, 2010

Random Cohesion

Sometimes I have planted random things in the same space and they have instantly become happy combinations.   I put drumstick alliums in front of a big stand of mardi-gras colored helenium and the delicate, cool, red-purple onions nodding in front of the stiff sheaf of hot orange daisy-blooms made my heart skip each time I looked at it.  Random acts of cohesion, appearances out of nowhere that are so right and make sense --- they happen.

This blog at Page55 is one of them.  It's the first paragraph found on page 55 of different books.  Nothing more, simply the disconnected paragraphs one after another, making a wonderful narrative.  I love it.

For a beautiful narrative of accidental connection, check out the blog at 66 Square Feet.  You have to read all her posts (and she's prolific) to realize that she met and married a commenter.  Someone who left a blurb on one of her blog posts in 2007.  There's no single post about it, but several references.  Here's the inauspicious first comment, posted on her blog by a man she didn't know.  They commented back and forth, they talked, he flew 3,000 miles to meet her, and .......

My favorite random act of cohesion: in 1997 I e-mailed a stranger because I saw a reference in his online profile to a quality improvement program I used at work.  At that time there were 8 million AOL members.  I e-mailed just that one.  Not through a chat room or common interest subgroup.  Randomly.  And he answered.  In 1999 we were married (you saw that coming when I said "e-mailed a stranger", yes?)

So out of the blue.  So accidental.  So cool.  Happy Valentines Day.


  1. Laurrie, Thanks for the mention of my blog. I am touched that you appreciate it and all it's randomness!

  2. Sheila, your blog was a delightful find!

  3. What a wonderful love story! And a great post for Valentines Day. Thanks for checking out Deb's Garden. I appreciate your kind comments, and I look forward to exploring your own blog.

  4. Deb, thanks for visiting!

  5. Oh, how romantic :) Have a very special Valentines.

    BTW - love the label on this post *hee hee*

  6. Thanks, Garden Ms. S. Enjoy your Valentine's Day!


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