February 1, 2010

I Want to Hibernate

Although I see the bobcat in our yard all the time, I have yet to spot the black bear that our neighbors have seen rambling about their yards in the summer and fall.  

My friend Maggy sent me this link to the North American Bear Center, where they are monitoring a black bear hibernating in her den.  You have to put up with annoying ads, and the webcam can be about as exciting as watching a bear sleep (well, yeah), but it's a really fascinating site.

Maggy says if you watch the webcam enough, you can hear the cub cry, and the mother try to calm it.

We all feel like hibernating bears this time of year, hunkered inside while the temps outdoors are bitter.  But this is the real thing.


  1. Wow! here in the UK it is unimaginable to think about having bears in the garden - the most troublesome creature I have is a squirrel!

  2. Karen: Everything in the UK is so much more civilized, including your garden varmints, as a recent trip there proved. Didn't make it to Wales, but I might next time. Thanks for visiting me!


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