January 30, 2010

Hot Water

It was 0.5 degrees this morning when I got up.  Zero point five.  There were no degrees floating around outside, none.  I'm pleased to see that the heated birdbath is working.  There's only a little bit of shallow water in there, but it's not frozen, even at zero degrees.

It's called a Kozy Bird Spa, but no respectable bird of any kind was going to treat herself to a spa day in this weather.  Actually, I haven't seen any birds use this bath since I put it up this summer.  Not sure why... maybe it's too close to human activity on the patio?  But they haven't used it when we're not out there, and I see them flit all over the dried Blackeyed Susan seedheads standing nearby.  Maybe it's just too trendy and upscale for the crows here, who prefer puddles and seepage that collects in the road drains?


  1. I doubt that proximity to the house has anything to do with the birds not using it. Does it sit stable? Plus the water shouldn't be too deep. I bet they will use it eventually. With natural water sources around they will go there first.

  2. Lisa, that's what I'm hoping... that they'll use it eventually. All things in the garden require patience.


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